During the winter of 2001 we did some initial repairs, reset and refastened her chain-plates, cleaned and repainted the hull and under-bottom.

IMG_0378 IMG_0383
Photograph (copyright) courtesy of Lutz v. Meyerinck
During the seasons between 2002 to 2005 we saw her limitations. She sailed fast, was an extremely well-mannered boat, handled very well and safely in particular but with her then cockpit lay-out it was very difficult to sail her competitively. So we undertook another major overhaul, stripping her deck from all fittings, paint and stuff and reset all deck fittings for optimum performance. She received a barney-post for the main sheet and the spinacker sheets were all led below deck.

DSC_0018 DSC_0180
Photograph (copyright) courtesy of Lutz v. Meyerinck & Petra Köster

Following this her performance greatly improved again solely from much improved handling. Though the crew finds hiking more cumbersome than on modern boats she can be sailed well upwind in full hiking trim. Crew, please racing trim.....